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Seiko Ali (Born June 6,1995), is an upcoming Rapper, Singer, and Songwriter from Fort Myers, FL. She started doing music at age 9 for therapy when her cousin was killed in 2006. She began pursuing a career in music in 2017 after medically retiring from the Army, and released her debut single Me & My Squad in 2018, which had dancers going crazy. Her most recent release 'Me & My Squad' will be featured on The DJ Grid's compilation project called "Hip Hop Cruises To Jamaica".

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Social Media: Twitter & Instagram - @1seikoali

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Steven Johnson of Cocoas ENT introduced the track early 2018 and since then, the song has been picked up by The DJ Grid’s new compilation premiering on Billboard entitled 'Hip Hop Cruises To Jamaica'. The compilation will feature new and unreleased tracks from Chris Brown, Lauryn Hill, Tupac, Flo-Rida, Jadakiss, Royce Da 5'9 and more. Listen to the new track every hour on WiLD 98 Las Vegas.

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Deriving from the city known for its unmatched “Geechie” grammar, rising heavy-hitter, Status, is a Charleston, South Carolina native with a new, fresh sound. Demanding a place on the map in hip-hop, the Lowcountry artist is on his journey to being the hottest rapper ever named from the region. From writing and rapping rhymes at the age of 10, to recording and performing in shows as a teenager, Status had no doubt that he was destined to spark a light in the world.

In the rapper’s blooming career, he has since opened for 2017’s hottest rappers, Gucci Mane and “Spend It” Rapper Dae Dae. Status has performed in the some of the most popular Atlanta nightspots, like Opera, Magic City, and Aroma. Not to mention, his encounters with industry smashers like B.O.B and 2 Chainz.

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Bianca 'Icielani' Garcia is a divine multi-talented magnetic and charismatic recording artist from Toronto, Canada. Living in her grandparents home when she was born with her parents and two siblings in Etobicoke, the west-end of Toronto. Then in her later childhood years settling in Mississauga, Ontario, the suburbs west of the outskirts of Toronto.

With her parents migrating from Eastern Europe, she's blessed with 10 different ethnicities, eastern european, British, Italian, Greek, Finnish, Northwest Russian, Scandinavian, Irish, West Europe and Middle Eastern. From a young age, she has loved performing - specifically singing. Between singing in the living room with her siblings and singing in her church's choir since she was seven years old, music has always had a special place in her heart.

She grew up in a household and neighborhood where her influence in music was lot of R&B, Hip Hop, Dance, Rock and Reggae especially with Toronto being home to Caribana, a Caribbean festival held every year that she would attend growing up. She grew up without segregation and grew in a very multicultural environment and embraces this throughout her life and in her music. Her music is versatile from R&B Ballads, to Dance/Dancehall vibes, her bilingual words and vocals all in one blended melting pot instrument of who she is.

Her track 'Body Hugs' was recently picked up to be featured on The DJ Grid's Billboard premiering project 'Pop Music Cruises To Jamaica' this coming up winter.

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When you hear Nanoon’s music, the first thing he wants you to realize is that he’s an artist … a chill, laid-back artist. Once you realize that, the rest of the journey will be easy listening, he said.

The Washington, D.C.-based hip-hop artist has recently released a new EP called “Purple Octopuses,” and he’s currently in New York trying to expand his reach while sharing this new EP with the world. Like much of his music, this EP is one that he said will put a smile on peoples’ faces when they hear it.

“I want people to be relaxed when they listen to my music,” Nanoon said. “I want them to feel like they can sit at the bar and listen to my music and zone our and calm down. Being a music listener, I know it’s about how you feel. I know that when you turn on a song you want it to express how you feel. A lot of songs today don’t do that anymore. That’s why I want my music to put a smile on peoples’ faces and to make them feel like I’m going through some of the same things they’re going through, and take the game to a whole different level. I think music can be deep and influential like that. It can relate emotionally what you’re going through.”

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His new album “Born to Win” is available on all digital music platforms.

Nationwide — YL Ques (aka Young & Livin), whose real name is Jaques Gholston, was born in Auburn, Alabama, but now resides in Atlanta, Georgia. He is a conscious hip-hop artist who is no stranger to the struggles of every day life being a young Black male deep rooted in the historical south. His album, “Born to Win,” promotes conscious and mental awareness in the Black community and is currently available for download and streaming on iTunes, TIDAL, Spotify, Google Play, Pandora, Amazon, and all the other major digital music platforms.

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